Thursday, August 8, 2013

Calendar Communication

I think it is important to have communication with other school staff members as to what is going on in my week.  I wanted something outside my office that would be both easy to update and decorative.  The following picture shows how I decided to display the major events of my week.
I started with inexpensive 8 X 10 frames, fabric, ribbon, stapler, paint pen, and double sided tape. 
1. Cover the back of the frame with fabric of your choice.  If using fabrics with patterns make sure the patterns are subtle and won't interfere with the color of expo you will be using.  Fold the fabric around the back and use double sided tape to secure the fabric.  I am not sure that double sided tape was the best, but it's what I had on hand.

2.  Once the back of the frame was secure it was time to add the ribbon hanger.  I cut my ribbon into pieces that were about 16-18 inches long.  I took the end of the ribbon and folded it over in half, then stapled the ribbon to the back of the frame.  I used 3 staples on each side.
3.  Using a paint pen, I wrote the days of the week at the top of the frames.  I used six frames.  I did not put a frame for Saturday and Sunday; I just used one frame and labled it weekend.
4.  Time to hang the frames, so choose an arrangement of your choice.  I used bulletin board push pins to hang my frames.  The ribbon rests on these pins perfectly.
5.  Using a black expo marker I wrote the major events of my first week back at work.  I will erase the frames before leaving for the weekend and get ready for the next week by posting my upcoming events.

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