Sunday, August 25, 2013

IEP Binder

Hi there!  Just like all of you, I have been busy getting organized for the new school year.  Several years ago I started a binder system to keep my Individual Education Plan(IEP) students organized.  I use this binder with my 504 and Student Support Team (SST) students as well.  I wanted to share my binder organization with you, so if you are interested you can download it for free from my TpT store.  I added teacher pages, because I thought this same system would work great for teachers trying to get their mounds of paperwork and plans organized.

I like color coding everything, so this binder is no different.  The colored sheets are what divides one student's paperwork from another.  I use the red for 504 students, the orange for IEP students, and the yellow for SST students.  The divider sheets are editable, so I type the student's name, grade level, and the frequency and duration they recieve counseling services.  Behind the divider sheets I place the log form to track the day, time, loaction, and objective of the counseling session.  After the log form I place all of the paperwork including: IEPs, BIPs, IAPs, differentiated strategies, etc.  Lastly, I add student creations.  For example, if I am working on goal setting with a student we will create something that I can add to the binder so the student can refer back and we can review from one week to the next.
In the picture above you will notice a calendar.  I put one calendar at the very front of my counseling binder.  You can download this calendar shown from my TpT store for free.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

TpT Sale

If you haven't heard, TpT is having a sale.   It started today and ends at midnight tomorrow. Everything in my store is 20% off and then TpT is offering an additional 8% off for a total savings of 28%!   Who doesn't love a sale?!?!   In order to get the additional off from TpT you must use the code BTS13.   I recently bundled my Picture Schedule Icons packet with my Visual Cue Cards packet for a discounted price. The bundle will also be on sale, so it's a great bargain!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I am so excited to be doing a giveaway with a few of my fellow bloggers.  My friend Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300 has helped me a TON over the summer with my blog.  I am so lucky to have her to answer ALL of my questions.  She is giving away the book Too Much Glue to the lucky winner.  Take a second to read her review of the book below.
"Too Much Glue (written by Jason Lefebvre, illustrated by Zac Retz, for release: September 2013), is the wacky story of a boy who, despite his teacher's warnings, lands himself in a sticky situation. The book is absolutely adorable and teaches a little lesson about creativity and {using only a touch of} glue! We all teach these expectations- and it is SO much more fun to incorporate literature into these lessons! I'm so excited about using it this year!"

I will be giving away a few back to school items from my TpT store. The "Getting to Know Others" packet is one of my favorites.  It has a variety of activity sheets that will allow you to get to know your students.  Don't just use these at the beginning of the year, use them all year long.  The "Locker Tags, Labels, and More" packet is editable and has a variety of designs including chevrons, owls, and school supplies.  Use these designs to make labels, locker tags, name tags, posters, and so much more!  The "Visual Cue Cards" packet contains 26 cards.  Use these cards to give students a visual of directions and expectations.  These are perfect to use as a form of intervention for your students struggling with behavior.

Jill from ABC's and Polka Dots is giving away her Brown Bear Pack (see preview below).  Jill and Nicole actually met through blogging and TpT.  What a great way to collaborate!  I'm looking forward to connecting with other educators to share ideas too.

Enter using the rafflecopter below!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Mustache" Back to School Pack Freebie

Has anybody else noticed how popular mustaches have become?!?!  I know I have.  I wanted to create a fun back to school pack for both teachers and counselors to thank the educators that have started following my blog and visiting my TpT store.  The Mustache Back to School Pack is currently available for free!  Just download the packet from my TpT store (click on my Teachers Pay Teachers tab and then click on the link to my store).  Here is what is included in this packet:
  • Two activity sheets that will allow you to get to know your students.  These sheets are great to use throughout the year, not just at the beginning of the year.  Knowing about your students will help you build a relationship with them.  I love doing some type of "getting to know you" activity with students when we are meeting for the first time or when I am trying to build rapport with a student.  If you like these pages, then check out my Getting to Know Others packet on TpT!  Some of my favorite "getting to know you" pages are in this packet.  Also, consider filling these activity sheets out for yourself.  The students want to learn about you too!
  • Bookmarks - 4 designs
  • Labels - 4 designs - Use these editable templates to make name tags, locker tags, labels, posters, frame student art work or writing, etc.
  • Name plates - 4 designs - Use these to label student's desks, chairs, tables, etc.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Calendar Communication

I think it is important to have communication with other school staff members as to what is going on in my week.  I wanted something outside my office that would be both easy to update and decorative.  The following picture shows how I decided to display the major events of my week.
I started with inexpensive 8 X 10 frames, fabric, ribbon, stapler, paint pen, and double sided tape. 
1. Cover the back of the frame with fabric of your choice.  If using fabrics with patterns make sure the patterns are subtle and won't interfere with the color of expo you will be using.  Fold the fabric around the back and use double sided tape to secure the fabric.  I am not sure that double sided tape was the best, but it's what I had on hand.

2.  Once the back of the frame was secure it was time to add the ribbon hanger.  I cut my ribbon into pieces that were about 16-18 inches long.  I took the end of the ribbon and folded it over in half, then stapled the ribbon to the back of the frame.  I used 3 staples on each side.
3.  Using a paint pen, I wrote the days of the week at the top of the frames.  I used six frames.  I did not put a frame for Saturday and Sunday; I just used one frame and labled it weekend.
4.  Time to hang the frames, so choose an arrangement of your choice.  I used bulletin board push pins to hang my frames.  The ribbon rests on these pins perfectly.
5.  Using a black expo marker I wrote the major events of my first week back at work.  I will erase the frames before leaving for the weekend and get ready for the next week by posting my upcoming events.