My Office

This is my office so far. I have spent the last couple of weeks getting moved in, so you could say it's a work in progress. With this being my first year in middle school, it will probably take me a while to get it set up and decorated to suit my needs and more importantly the needs of my students.

Some things in this picture that I use A LOT are the bulletin board behind my desk and the mailboxes on the top of my desk. Both help me to stay super organized! As I find printables and activities that I like I always print several copies right away and file them in my mailboxes for easy access. As you know, unplanned situations can pop up at any time and it’s always good to be prepared. I also like using the mailboxes instead of a filing cabinet because I can see my favorite resources at all times. You know the saying, "out of sight, out of mind"...well that would be what happens with my filing cabinet.
Displaying diplomas is a great way to encourage college readiness, so both diplomas are hung proudly. I love to use games and activities and art with the students so the baskets on my shelves are filled with sensory items, paint, markers, crayons, Play-Doh, games, and much more. Counseling is fun!
I wanted something in my office that was magnetic, so I bought sheet metal at Home Depot and hung it up on the wall by the student chairs. I added magnets to the back of small whiteboards and marker holders. I also bought some magnet clips to hang our art projects and pencil paper work. I still need to add the boarder around the edges to give it a finished look, but like I said in progress.

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