Monday, November 25, 2013

Chains ~ Linking Decisions

Isn't it so wonderful to work with people that share their ideas?  I am lucky enough to work with Alicia (right), who is allowing me to share her idea in this post.  Alicia is my fellow counseling partner.

Alicia has students write down decisions they make on strips of paper starting with their initial decision...the one that created the problem.  This makes the first link of their decision chain.  From that link, decisions and/or consequences are written down to create additional links.  As the students are making their chain, they have a visual and literally connect how one decision leads to the next.  Once the chain is complete, the students are able to reflect by choosing the link they would go back and do differently.  The link they pick is cut with scissors, which causes the rest of the chain to drop to the floor.  This demonstrates all the events and consequences that would not happen with a better initial decision.
I have used the chain activity several times, and I love it!  The students do too!  Making the chain allows students to reflect and become active in the conversation.