Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Testing Tools

Testing season is in full swing in Texas ~ YEEHAW!  If you are the testing coordinator at your campus, then you know how important it is to have plans in place so a high stress day can run smoothly.  Here are a couple of tools that I am using to help with procedures at my school during our state mandated testing days. 

1. Color Coded Passes
Signs and Passes
Each classroom has one pass for girls and on class for boys.  Each grade is a different color.  The cards help the hall monitors track how many students are in the restroom at once.  The colors help to make sure there are not too many students from the same grade level in the restrooms at once.

2. Communication Cards
Signs and Passes

Each test administrator has a set of communication cards.  They post these cards outside of their door to communicate with the hall monitors (who communicate with other administrators and myself) when they need any of the following:
~School Nurse Needed
~Test Administrator Needs a Break
~Test Administrator Needs Assistance
~Testing is Complete

Today was our first day of testing and both systems worked well and kept things organized.  I am sharing these tools on my TpT page for free.  So, if you like the idea, then you can download the cards from here: Testing Signs & Passes.

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