Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yes/No Behavior Charts

Behavior in the classroom can be tricky!  One tool that works consistently is a Yes/No Chart.  This chart focuses on ONE target behavior at a time in which "yes" the student meets the target, or "no" the student does not meet the expectation.  Here are the top 10 reasons to use a Yes/No Chart:
1. It is very specific
2. It is quick and easy to document
3. Creates a great avenue for communication between home and school
4. Focuses on the positive with a reward incentive
5. Goals can easily be set and then increased as the student experiences success
6. Can be used for both elementary and secondary students (see examples below)
7. A picture schedule can be incorporated into the chart
8. Creates a way to track patterns of strengths and weakness in the students day/week
9. A wonderful way to collect data to make data driven decisions
10. My students have a high success rate, and I hope yours do too!

The example above is a chart that I would use for younger students.  In the first column you will see a visual schedule.  I used my Picture Schedule Icons.  Next, you will see ONE expectation for each class.  In the third column you will see happy faces to circle for a YES and sad faces to mark for a NO.  Lastly there is a place for additional comments.  At the bottom of the page there is a space to set a goal (# of happy faces) for the day.  There is also a place to record what the reward will be if the goal is met.  Option: if the student has met their goal all week, then a larger reward can be honored. 

The chart above is an example for older students.  This one page can be used to document behavior for the week.  At the top put the student's name and the target behavior being addressed.  Each table is labeled with the day of the week and a place to mark how many points were earned for the day.  Below the Y/N box there is a blank row where the teachers can initial or sign after circling if the student met expectations.  At the very bottom of the page the weekly goal (# of yes's) is set on Monday, along with the reward.  The total points will be recorded at the end of the day on Friday in hopes that this number is greater than or equal to the weekly goal.  If so, the student will enjoy their reward!

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