Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's on your walls???

If you have read my office page, then you know that I just moved offices and positions over the summer. In my office I have a big closet. The bare closet doors have bothered me since I moved in, but I was not sure what I wanted to put on them. What is middle school appropriate? I was so afraid of putting something up that was too babyish...coming from an elementary school and all. However, after the first two weeks I found myself saying the same things that I had said the previous four years as an elementary school counselor. Even though the conversation was more mature, I noticed the students did not have basic problem solving skills, were confused on what bullying really was, and did not know the difference between reporting a problem and tattling. They were having difficulty identifying how they felt and coming up with ways to calm down when angry or upset. In response to my student's needs, I decided to cover my closet doors with posters addressing these issues.
The posters that I used were from several of the packets that I have in my TpT storeYou can do the same thing by making your own posters. Just think about the issues that come up most often with your students. So far I have been amazed at how many students have looked at and commented on the posters. I have even had students come in angry, and as I give them time to calm down I can see them studying the posters. Students have even referenced them in conversation. Teachers, what do you have on your walls? Make it relevant, because I promise the students read, study, and look at what is posted.

If you want to make your own posters, then make them pleasing to the student's eye. Some hints are:
~Use fun fonts, but make sure they are easy to read
~Use colors that are eye catching, but not so crazy that the message is overpowered
~Use attractive clip art and pictures to support written messages
~Deliver your info clearly and concisely

The posters that I used are from the following packets:
~Counselor's Office Rules - For the Counselor's Office packet
~How to Solve a Problem, Small Problems vs. Big Problems, Reporting vs. Tattling, Bullying or Not - Problem Solving packet
~Anger Rules and Ways to Calm Down - The Anger Hub packet
~Boys & Girls How Are You Feeling Posters - The Emotions Hub packet

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