Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Memory Game

So, have you ever been trying to make a connection with a student and they just sit there and look at you like you're crazy?  For the most part, students respond in a positive way as soon as they realize you are there to help solve a problem.  However, sometimes students are oppositional or scared or just plain shy, which puts a road block between the student and yourself.  I have found that turning the situation or problem into a game usually removes the road block.
One game I have found that almost all students enjoy is memory.  The cards in the photo above make up the Feelings Memory Game.  When students turn over cards or get a match  the perfect opportunity is created to get them talking about how they feel.  In this game I used the following emotions: worrying, anger, happiness, scared, silly, excited, sad, and surprised.  By the end of the game, I know what the student is thinking with each emotion, as well as what may trigger these feelings.  This game is in The Emotions Hub packet in my TpT store
The following are a few things to consider if you want to incorporate games into working with students.
~The amount of time in which it will take to play the game.  It is more beneficial to start and finish the game in one sitting.
~Use games that have easy rules to follow and simple scoring.  This will allow conversation to flow fluidly.
~Use games that will keep students engaged and on topic.
~When playing with a group, use games that can be played with a variety of ability levels.

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