Thursday, October 24, 2013

Metal Board

One of my favorite and most useful tools in my office is this board that I made out of sheet metal.  I bought 2 sheets from Home Depot and put them on the wall side by side to make one large board.  I simply used a hammer and 4 nails to attach each sheet to the wall.  The boarder is a wide ribbon from Hobby Lobby that is stapled to the wall. 
The whiteboards attached are regular whiteboards with magnets on the back.  The same is true for the containers holding the markers.  I use the business card sized magnets that are sold at Office Max.  They hold up really well, and the magnets are easy to cut with scissors. 
As you can see, I have been busy talking with the kiddos about getting along with peers, as well as classroom behavior.  By having these questions posted it helps to open up conversation.  The post-it notes are used by the students to write their answers/thoughts down, so we can discuss and identify problems.  The answer to these questions are usually conflicting, which makes for great conversation!  On a side note, the answers to the question, "How do others see you?" are usually pretty interesting.  When the students read "others" they usually make the assumption that "others" is their friends.  After they answer, I explain that "others" includes everyone...parents, teachers, ALL peers, siblings, etc.  Another great opportunity for good and honest conversation!

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